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Event management

Optimize your communication and make your event something unique!

Whether for company events - seminars, user groups, technical workshops, etc. - or for external events - trade fairs, conferences, etc. - AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops applications for all your needs.

At a trade fair or any other event, capturing attendees' attention is essential. AFTER-MOUSE.COM helps you to stand out from the crowd with innovative interactive applications, specially developed for the event management sector.

Our applications can be used to present your services in an accessible and engaging way, to entertain your customers, and above all as an instructional or informative sales support tool. Your company, products and services can be highlighted using a wide range of available touch screen devices, including standalone touch screens, walls, or Microsoft® Surface® units. Motion recognition systems are a very distinctive way of differentiating yourself and attracting people's attention! Applications developed for Kinect™ for Windows, projected on a big screen, provide a fun, engaging communication medium which will surprise and delight users.

In a context where innovation and differentiation are key to a successful event, AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers you affordable leading-edge solutions!

A tool to attract interest

Make the most of your presence at an event by presenting your company, products and services interactively. Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal device, visitors will be irresistibly drawn to your stand, and you will benefit from an increased level of interest.

Increase your number of contacts

Interactive systems provide a range of ways to get your visitors to leave their contact details: requests for further information, surveys, games, prize draws, etc. Follow-up becomes easier, as your visitors' data is directly entered into your database, saving you precious time. A thank-you email can also be automatically sent to your visitors, with the information they requested attached, helping you to make a good impression with prompt service.

Easy access to information

You may not have the resources in place to give each visitor your complete attention, or your prospect may want to discover your products on his own, the interactive system is a great tool for providing simple, intuitive, helpful access to information, with sales brochures, general information, detailed product information sheets, etc. all there at your visitors' fingertips.

Modern, innovative image

Over and above the contacts you generate, this interactive experience raises your products brand awareness and has a big impact on differentiating you from the competition!

A wide range of other functionalities can be added on request!